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Our experience and technique sets us apart

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We love what we do and that makes us enjoy every project that we develop. We have over 10 years of experience in the Photography and Videography industry. This helps us provide visual solutions to companies and entrepreneurs so they can achieve their business goals and reach their customers with quality digital images and content.

Our experience and technique sets us apart. We know exactly which tools to use in any situation, so you can trust us to capture what you need to make your business successful. We are more than just photographers. Our staff with dedicated in-house photo and video editors together with our leading team deliver a quality product and a warm and an attentive customer service.

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Edwin Sánchez

Production Manager

Experienced professional photographer, videographer and graphic designer. Edwin is also an expert in wedding photography.

While successfully managing his own company for more than 15 years, he became one of the most recognized photographers in his native country.

Edwin is passionate about everything that has to do with photography and technology and is dedicated to delivering a client's work on time and exceeding their expectations.

Luisa Funes

Studio Manager

Mother, Marketer, teacher and Photographer, Luisa is a creative and experienced professional in the fields of digital photography, sales and marketing. She manages our Wedding Photography service: “Edwin Sánchez Photography and Video” – check out our website.

  She takes pride in providing warm, personalized service with empathy and honesty, placing other people’s needs first and foremost. Luisa loves tending to our couples whore are in the process of planning their wedding. She is constantly looking for ways to help them fulfill their dreams.

Whenever she’s not working on our Wedding Brand or teaching online, one can find Luisa spending time with her family – including her eight-year-old chihuahua.